Disney Prince Throwdown: Prince Eric vs. General Shang

The never-ending debate: Who is the hottest Disney Prince ever, Prince Eric or General Shang?



Prince Eric

On the one hand, you have The Little Mermaid’s Prince Eric, a rugged outdoors-y Richard Gomez lookalike who rocks a deeper v-neck than a 15-year-old hipster.


The good points:

  1. Full-blooded royalty yet very close to his unwashed masses.
  2. Loves dogs
  3. Swims well
  4. Romantic first date
  5. Obviously very brave (face it, Ursula is one scary sea-bitch to go up against)
  6. Glorious sun-kissed complexion
  7. Great kisser (He breaks magic undersea spells with his kisses! What a dude!)

On the downside, he does have his sordid past as a male go-go dancer to live with.


General Shang

On the other hand, you have Mulan’s exotic Asian hunk, General Shang, leader of men, bad-ass drill sergeant, and owner of the broadest pair of shoulders among all of Disney’s leading men.



His good points:

  1. Mega-buff
  2. Elite horseback-riding ability, especially when armed
  3. Commands the loyalty of his men
  4. Respectful of the elderly
  5. Great fighting skills
  6. Magnificent singing voice
  7. Bad boy asshole appeal

He did however spend half the movie in awkward homosexual tension with the dude he thought Mulan was, which probably costs him about -12498 dude points (DP).


He also has the unfortunate misfortune of having Donny Osmond cast as his singing voice, a man Weird Al Yankovic once described as “the whitest nerd I know.”



So girls, speak up: #TeamEric or #TeamShang?


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