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A Stunning Piece of MDJ Artwork: “Batman Forgets His Poncho (Or, When Butlers Forget To Butle)”

Absolutely one of my favourite toys in the whole wide world is my Wacom Intuos tablet.

With a bit of Adobe Illustrator wizardry, I can use it to transform rough pencil sketches like this…

Into whizbang fully-digitally-inked-and-coloured alleged masterpieces like this:

I call it “Batman Forgets His Poncho (Or, When Butlers Fail To Butle).”

If you would like to secure a genuine, limited-edition original dot matrix printout, please deposit USD537,045 into MDJ Superstar’s official PayPal account, and let me know when you’d like me to fax it over to you, sometime between the years 2018 and 2031.

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Even Werewolves Need Body Doubles: The Deception of Team Jacob

So we all know that New Moon is pure adolescent sexual napalm.

With all the greased-up abs and sweaty, shirtless action scenes, it’s like watching a gothic Sweet Valley adventure ever-so-gently blended in with a Calvin Klein Spring/Summer underwear fashion shoot.

Francine Pascal would be so proud.

Sure, we get it, werewolves are outdoorsy; they like frolicking around in fields, slaughtering large helpless mammals for giggles, and bounding over streams and stuff, so of COURSE they’re going to be naturally buff and ripped and brawny.

And you have to admit, Taylor Lautner, the dude who plays Jacob, President of the Baby Oil Boys Club, is one Mr Fine Universe. He’s so pumped, even his abs have abs.

Except, as it turns out, in some of the movie’s collateral materials, they weren’t really his abs…

Nice Photoshop work, New Moon marketing dudes. If it weren’t for the little bit of tighty-whitey garter peeking ouf Jacob’s jeans’ waistband, I would have been forced to give you a grudging slow clap…

Spotted this on the PhotoshopDisasters blog. Those boys rule.

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One Song Glory

As one year ends, let us all remember that we were born to be extraordinary; we each have a One Song Glory within us.

Immortality. Take it. It’s yours.

Find your glory.

No day but today.

Always yours,
MDJ Superstar

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Magkaisa – My Farewell to Tita Cory

Cory copy

Tita Cory, I was starstruck the first time I met you. You had presence, you had magnetism, you had charisma – and now, you have eternal peace.

We will always remember you. Thank you for giving us the world we know now.

Vaya con Dios.

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Saving The Town of Homopolis

He grunted. He strained. He believed.

For he knew that if he slipped, if he faltered, the town of Homopolis would be reduced to a pink and paisley pulp of pulverized flesh and shattered dreams.
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Layered File Fail

The stupidest thing is when you’re working on a high-resolution large-scale layered file on Photoshop, then you flatten everything and shrink it down to a web-friendly size, then accidentally hit “Command+S” to save it.

The time continuum seems to lurch into slow motion as your drag your mouse cursor over to the “close” button, your mind running on auto-pilot, while a little voice in your head keeps screaming, “Wait! Stop! It’s not too late! Turn back, MDJ Superstar, turn back!” and yet your thumb, operating on instinct, swoops down and clicks…

Fail, Mark. Fail.

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To Love & To Cherish, Til Death Do They Part

And so last night I went to the wedding of two friends.
I gave them what I think was their coolest wedding present: a 32″x26″ canvas-printed artwork of one of their most tender moments captured on film CF card, as re-imagined by the rocking awesomeness of MDJ Superstar, armed with the sublime kick-assery of MDJ’s Super Wacom Intuos tablet.
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