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The Beauty in Bookstores

I don’t buy books as much as I used to. But I still love going to bookstores.


Fully Booked on Bonifacio High Street always makes me happy. It isn’t just the books, but the way the whole place celebrates creativity and art in everything – their window displays, their book displays, their walls and their ceilings.


People need to celebrate beautiful things more often. Imelda Marcos may have been controversial, but she was on to something.


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Adidas Crazy Light: Fat Feet Finally Find A Friend

I’ve been in the marketing profession for almost a decade now. And one thing I’ve learned is that when it comes to campaign materials, everything has to communicate; everything has to tell a story.

One of the most brilliant creatives I know always says, “First be clear, then be clever.”

It’s that rare and special case when you’re actually able to achieve both. Here’s one gorgeous example we spotted from the folks over at Adidas.

As a marketing professional, I love merchandise displays that tell a story.

As a lifelong Man of Girth, AKA Mr. Fluffyface McMuffintop, I’ve been cursed with a distinct lack of grace, athletic conditioning, and sleek aerodynamicism.

It isn’t my fault I’m fat, I wail at my physical trainer on his three-hours-and-running attempt to coach me through my 4th situp. I can’t jog because my feet are too fat and heavy to lift!

Which is why I completely adore the window display Adidas came up with for their Crazy Light series of Adizero athletic shoes.


There’s a lot of copy going on about how each shoe weighs just 9.5 ounces. For perspective, that’s just a little bit over than half a pound.

But really, all that boring marketingspeak is completely unnecessary. The creative treatment says everything that needs to be said about the shoes.


The damn shoes are lifting off by themselves, is the story you get in just two seconds of appreciating the display. They’re too light for even gravity to keep them down to the ground! We had to spend an extravagant amount on concrete blocks just to weigh them down and keep them from floating into the sky, potentially disrupting the flight path of a Cebu Pacific airplane skimming cheerfully to Tuguegarao!


Spectacularly sharp messaging, and an overall magnificent use of the medium. My fat feet have finally found the friend they need to help them blast off and achieve new heights to my pathetic 4″ vertical leap.creative’s

This Adidas Crazy Light campaign is just crazy brilliant.

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Music One: Where Porn & Learning Come Side-By-Side

I like going to Music One in Greenbelt. It’s one of the few places where I actually still like to go in and browse around for actual physical CDs and DVDs, instead of the usual digital iTunes/Vuze downloads I have learned to patronize over the last couple of years.

It’s a nice cozy place, very well-stocked, and always up-to-date. It isn’t as big as what it used to be a few years ago (I blame Office Warehouse for that), but has better inventory than, say, Odyssey when it comes to covering a great range of genres and styles.

I need to be very honest here; a lot of the stuff I buy here isn’t exactly family-friendly or bookshelf-displayable. As much as I enjoy my classic Disney DVD’s (Robin Hood, anyone?) and suitably artistic indie European movies, the one thing I truly scoop up by the armload at Music One is good old Pinoy softcore porn.

I for one am devastated that the last two years have been very lean as far as the Viva Hot Babes are concerned. If it weren’t for 2007’s incredibly hot Skin City DVD (Hazel Cabrera FTW!), or 2008’s glorious Myles Hernandez/Sachi Sanders Pinoy Kama Sutra 2 coming-out party, I would have probably gone gay. Seriously.

Viva’s Sikreto ni Kuya riff on the Big Brother gave us more full-frontal fluff (ahem) than any other collection in recent memory, but it just didn’t have the same class and character as the wonderfully shameless VHB, whose appeal is probably driven by the fact that about 85% of the members actually have name recall outside of slumdog Cubao/Marcos Highway dives.

But I am digressing. Two things have changed at Music One in recent years, and I find them both quite puzzling.

1. You now have to make a public spectacle of yourself to get to the softcore porn.

The skin DVDs used to have a little aisle of their own, tucked discreetly in one of the corners. You could sift through the latest Sex in Philippine Cinema collection, or track down the special edition of Patricia Javier’s Barenaked DVD in relative privacy, and if you happened to spot your Grade 4 Religion teacher tottering down the aisle towards you, it was a simple matter to duck into the adjoining Blue’s Clues section and pretend to be buying something for your inaanak’s birthday present.

Now, because of the re-sized, more cramped layout of today’s much smaller Music One, porn shopping is no longer something you can do with dignity. Rather than having a nice little off-the-beaten-path nook, you now actually have to climb up onto an elevated stage to get your fix of wholesome, fleshy, Filipina nudie goodness.

This is a source of unnecessary stress, and is the kind of thing that is liable to push me towards illegal pirated torrent downloads. Why can’t a boy shop for porn and maintain some sort of facade of respectability?

But here’s an even worse thing…

2. The secondary Softcore Porn section is located right next to the Learning section.Here, I am not talking about simply having adjacent aisles; the porn is actually literally merchandised right next to the wonderful learning aids and documentaries from National Geographic and the Discovery Channel.

I don’t quite know what to think.

Loch Ness Discovered” right next to the hormonally-charged future classic, “Ang Laro Ng Buhay“?

Secrets of the Animal Kingdom” sitting side-by-side with “Boylets“?

Discovery Presents: Mysterious Journeys” an arm’s reach away from controversial homo-erotic feature film “Sagwan,” which stars current Ultimate Pinoy Hunks darlings The Cappuccinos?

Now, if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my career as a marketing professional, it’s that when you arrange your merchandise at the point-of-sale, you try to group complementary products together. People who buy bread typically like buying palaman as well, so you try to sell your Cheez Whiz as near the baked goods aisle.

What kind of message, therefore, is Music One trying to send here? That nerds who patronize NatGeo documentaries are social retards who can’t get any action, and have to resort to sleazy make-believe porn to get their rocks off, instead of making time with a real live flesh-and-blood drunken chick?

Oh wait, it’s all starting to make sense now…

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My Extravagance For The Weekend

I saved quite a lot of money by not leaving my bed all of Friday and Saturday, and by mooching off of Celine/Gino’s alcohol and Berns/Mon’s Isshin libre on Thursday night, so I thought I’d re-channel my resources into something useless, impractical, but utterly glorious when I went out last Sunday.

It wasn’t a pair of custom-painted sneakers at Traffic, as I’d suspected. Nor was it a new armload of shirts at Philosophy.

It was something even better – a hardbound edition of “The Eternals” by comic book legends Neil Gaiman and John Romita Jr. That Gaiman dude can do no wrong when it comes to Marvel comic books, I must say. I was up til almost 2 in the morning just reading it!

Comic books are love! I heart them something bad.

I wanted to say that my maturity level is most certainly on its way up, after turning down new fashion for something else. I just wish that this “something” else wasn’t comic books. I don’t think a boy has ever impressed a pretty girl because of a hot new comic book he just bought…

I also got to watch the brilliant, brilliant, brilliant “Stardust” movie, which was something less than authentic to the book, but amazing all the same. And I got to eat 14 pieces of sushi at Omakase, so that’s another plus.

Good weekend, but a tiny bit too short and expensive.


A Sexy New Turkey In Town

That splattering sound you all hear originating from the deepest, darkest corners of Paco, Manila is the sound of Unilever panties dropping collectively to welcome the new head honcho of our Food Solutions business. He’s Turkish, and the word on the street is he’s a fairly good-looking individual, whose pictures have started to make the rounds of the corporate intranet.

I can’t imagine why…


Hit the mall and bought a nice bundle of loot. I got:

  1. A nice studded leather strap for my bass
  2. Three heavy Gibson picks for plucking my bass
  3. A guitar stand to prop up my bass for display in my room
  4. A 9-volt battery for the active pickups on my bass
  5. A bottle of Ernie Ball guitar polish for my bass
  6. A paperback copy of Irvine Welsh’s “Trainspotting”
  7. A paperback copy of Kurt Vonnegut’s “The Sirens of Titan”
  8. A hardbound copy of “The Science of Philip Pullman’s ‘His Dark Materials'”. Geek! But I loved the trilogy ever since Aissa introduced it to me in 2005, and this helps me intellectualize it even more.

All in all, not a bad shopping day, and not as ditzy as my usual booty.

Let’s Get Some Shoes!!!

This is a brilliant indictment of everyone out there who has felt their knees goes weak and wobbly over that one perfect pair of fabulous black Jimmy Choo pumps.

And strange as it seems (or maybe not strangely enough) I found myself reflected perfectly and amazingly accurately in our heroine of haberdashery.

To all my fashionista footwear fanatic friends out there  – Let’s get some shoes!!!

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