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MDJ’s Three Weeks As A Pro Wrestler

Could MDJ make it as a PWR wrestler?

He Says, Zee Says

MDJ Says: MDJ has been a wrestling fan all his life, but does that mean he’s got what it takes to actually make it as a professional wrestler? He took a crack at it with the Philippine Wrestling Revolution, and this is how his little adventure went.


Professional wrestling: A childhood dream

MDJ: I’ve always loved that sweaty, spandex-filled spectacle known as professional wrestling. I wanted badly to be a pro wrestler when I was a kid. I knew it was just a dream though.

Because here’s the thing. I wasn’t a particularly sporty kid. I’ve been fat, pudgy, and uncoordinated for as long as I can remember. I suck at any sport you can think of, especially those that involve one or more of the following:

  • Athletic skill
  • Coordination
  • Reflexes
  • Cardiovascular endurance
  • Talent

It’s funny how I ended up with Zee, who’s got sporty germs sprouting out of every…

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He Says, Zee Says

MDJ Says: In our funny, different, silly little family of different shapes, smells, and sizes, we believe in the concept of “ohana” – because ohana means family; it means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.

MDJ: In this household, we’re taking a strong commitment towards living fitter, better lives – and because of ohana, that means our adorable little black teacup poodle Vader gets dragged along for the ride too.

Fitness Family

Zee:  We’re not actually at our healthiest now, and as much as we enjoy having bacon in every meal, it’s time for us to swallow that bitter pill and be healthier. And that includes the smallest, furriest, and 2-kilo member of our family. Because if he can do it, we all can!

MDJ: We think Vader is adorable. But to be brutally honest, he isn’t good for much apart from being cute, and chewing on pink fluffy things.


Zee: Yes, being a…

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He Says, Zee Says

He Says: Christmas is for kids, and despite our monologues over the years that Christmas “just doesn’t feel as special as it used to,” that’s no excuse not to exert a little effort to make the little ones happy for the holidays.

And what’s the one thing that makes kids happier than a monkey trapped in a banana factory? Scavenger hunts, of course!

Zee: My little girl Bea loves scavenger hunts; it’s a little tradition I do whenever I have to travel for work – hiding little surprises scattered throughout the house, and leaving clues where to find them. A couple of years back, I Ieft her videos she could watch on TV everyday since I was out for a week. This was Thursday:

And so, that’s exactly what we did for Bea’s 2012 Christmas – we set up a little scavenger hunt of our own for her to…

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James Franco’s giant Note.

He Says, Zee Says

We love James Franco. We think he’s brilliant. He writes. He acts. He directs. And he smells great in Gucci.

The man is the ultimate multi-tasking overachiever, and the very personification of awesomeness. How does he do it? The secret is finally out.


MDJ: James Franco. What can I say? The dude is awesome. He’s today’s Renaissance Man, whose resumé is exploding with various gigs for acting, writing, teaching, painting, hosting, producing, humanitarian efforts, and directing.

Zee also thinks he’s a walking, talking occasion to sin. I’m just too star-struck to object.

Zee: James Franco. Hot.

MDJ: Even worse, he holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from Columbia, is a PhD student at Yale, and is attending the Rhode Island School of Design.

Seriously, James Franco gives me self-esteem issues.

Zee: James Franco. Hotter.

MDJ: You’re really not helping! The man is the ultimate overachiever, and I’ve…

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Mamou takes care of people and puppies equally well.

He Says, Zee Says

MDJ Says: Zee & I love to eat. It’s one of the things that bonds us as a couple, and one of the most meaningful ways we celebrate the time and memories we’ve made together. Now, we’re no gourmands by any stretch of the imagination. Heck, KFC is our idea of a happy meal, and would much rather chow down on barbecue, puso, and ice-cold Coca-Cola at a roadside Cebuano eatery like Larsian than find ourselves at a black-tie 7-course dinner at the Manila Peninsula. But once in a while, we do like to step out for a special meal, and one of the places we keep coming back to is Mamou, a delightfully homey little pocket of happiness that’s played host to more celebratory meals than we can remember.

Mamou calls itself nothing more than a “home kitchen,” manned not by classically-trained chefs but by people who just…

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Has social media gone too far with Robert Blair Carabuena?

He Says, Zee Says

We came across an article reporting on a petition for the firing of Robert Blair Carabuena from Philip Morris, where he works as a Resourcing Supervisor. Mr. Carabuena, in case you’ve been logged out from Twitter and Facebook the last couple of days, was caught on video chastising, intimidating, and physically manhandling an MMDA enforcer who had reportedly accosted him for beating a red light.

The Philippine social media sphere jumped on top of the issue, raking him over the coals in ways unheard of since the glory days of Christopher Lao.

Much has been said of the belligerent behavior displayed by Mr. Carabuena, as well as quite a bit on other, less consequential matters – his physique, his presumed dietary habits, his wardrobe choices, his choice of university. Three days after the fact, he remains a trending topic on Twitter. Various memes have gone viral on Facebook, while…

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He Says, Zee Says

Zee Says: My little girl doesn’t get to spend much time with her cousins but she adores them. They all sleep over at grandma’s house every time we fly home to Cebu, and we all have a laugh just eating lechon and barbecue, window-shopping, and exchanging gossip until the wee hours of the morning.

I’m happy they are a close bunch. Over one of our last trips, we had this brilliant idea of having a pudding-eating contest. It was just hilarious. Of course, MDJ was with us and slept at my mom’s house too. Yup. He’s family  already.

MDJ: I come from a family of nuts myself, so it’s a very powerful thing for me to say this – your family is absolutely nuts! It’s non-stop chaos, chatter, and food flying everywhere!

But I love them to bits, and was deeply honored to be invited as the guest referee for…

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Based on a true story, or so I’ve heard..

He Says, Zee Says

Zee Says: My MDJ and I aren’t exactly what you would call a “drinking” couple, and we don’t do the club scene like other people do. We do a good enough job entertaining each other in ways nobody else can, we really do.

I cut down on alcohol considerably 2 years ago, while he never really was much of a drinker. A typical night for us would involve a good quiet dinner, coffee, and a lot of talk. We love weekends at home too, and we always find a way to just be silly together.

We wonder though sometimes if we should go out more.

And so, one evening, I suggested we try going to Opus, just for the heck of it. The following fictional dialogue carried out on Twitter shows why it’s probably a good idea that we don’t do the club thing.

Babe, I’ve told…

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He Says, Zee Says

Zee Says: We used to have a very female household. It was just me, my little girl, and perky yaya. We have thrived through many years of silliness, girl power, and lots of pink and glitter (thanks to the little girl). This is how my home looks:  

We never really thought a man would eventually be part of our life. But I guess God had different plans for us. MDJ has been spending an awful lot of time with us – every single day, in fact – so this former No Man’s Land seems to be on its way to a big change. We have slumber parties, study groups, baking sessions, fashion shows – things girls do behind closed doors when the dirty boys are away!

It has been quite an adjustment for this girly household, and I’m sure MDJ has been adjusting too. Plus we have our poodle Vader…

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Manscaping ftw!

He Says, Zee Says

MDJ Says: There’s a joke that goes Derek Ramsay only has three outfits for his commercial endorsements: baby tee, XS long-sleeved fitted shirt, or burlesque. And it’s true – the man has a great physique, and he knows it. His abs have abs. He’s probably the only local celebrity who’s made more money off of his body than Marc Nelson. And also quite possibly the only one who’s spent more on full-body shaving too.

And yet, it’s easy to get blinded by perfection, which, it seems, is exactly what happened with Swatch Philippines.

MDJ: First things first: we both adore Derek Ramsay. He is one fine-looking dude. Even if there is some lingering resentment in me over the fact that he totally ripped off my look.


Zee : I believe you’re much hotter. I also believe in unconditional love. You, on the other hand, my love, need to believe…

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