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Some Jokes Just Write Themselves


I love GSK.

I grew up on Fluarix, Ambrolex, Panadol, and Virlix.

But some jokes just write themselves.



Two possibilities:

  1. Everything they sell is placebos
  2. They’re giving everything away for free. Libreng gamot, amirite?

This made my day.

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[VIDEO BLOG] The Curious Case of the Crustacean Murders (A Typical Date For MDJ & Zee)

They were brave warriors, noble and true.

They bore tough, resilient armors, hardy enough to resist the most ferocious battering from oceans of misfortune, yet light and pliable enough to allow them to gaze up at the stars every night, dreaming, wondering, “Life.. what does it hold for us?”

They had hopes. They had dreams. They had ambitions and visions, aspirations and goals.

But above all, they had each other.

Their names were Tiffany and Amber, and they were two beautiful young crabs in love.

They swore to each other, with claws intertwined after one particularly lusty, sweaty evening of fierce lovemaking, that they would always be true to each other. They would strive to be better crustaceans together. They would take care of each other, and they would live for each other.

Little did they know that in addition to this, they would die together as well.

Join us on this brief documentary celebrating how the one brief, glorious blaze of love shared by young Tiffany and Amber was tragically snuffed out by the voracious appetites of two incredibly good-looking, adorable, slightly nutty yet staggeringly sweet Superstars likewise in love, MDJ & Zee.

Shed a tear for the end of the love shared by Tiffany & Amber.

Yet forget not to celebrate the courage with which they faced death together.

If only we, as humans, could learn to be as brave.

* Production notes: (1) Real crab experts would have spotted right from the start that the crabs in question were, in fact, male, and should not have been named “Tiffany” and “Amber,” but “Timothy” and “Andrew.” (2) All footage is entirely unscripted, and is representative of the general silliness that goes on during the dates of the very-much-twitterpated MDJ & Zee, (3) If you enjoyed this video, kindly share us your appreciation by depositing a very large gratuity in our PayPal accounts, preferably in increments of $1,000.

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Royal Tru-Orange – Ilabas Ang Kulit (The 2009 Edition)

The last TV commercial I ever did at McCann for Royal Tru-Orange – and I didn’t even get to finish it all the way. Boo.

(Also, the food at the shoot sucked balls, but the fish fillet and marinara pasta at the offline Client Interlock rocked my socks.)

Some production notes:

(1) The name of the sari-sari store at the beginning – “Ron-Ron’s Store” – is a subtle little inside joke by the Agency in inserting the name of a charming little character who we loved from other previous boards, but whose story we just couldn’t tie up neatly. It’s our tongue-in-cheek anticipation of Client possibly requesting us to *sigh* “marry the boards.” Thank God they liked this board enough not to ask for that 😛

(2) Agency initially wanted Christophe, the tall, goofy-looking dude to play the lead. He exudes so much natural physical humor. The eventual lead wasn’t even part of the original casting shortlist – Daniel, our intended lead, came down with a sudden high fever on the morning of the shoot, and everyone had to scramble to find a suitable replacement in a couple hours’ time.

(3) Everything was shot on location in Paranaque, and Tina Baron’s house makes a tiny tiny little cameo in the end sequence – the cat-eyes on the road where you see the barkada biking off are unique to their house alone.

(4) Christian, the lead, is a very crude biker in real life. Which kind of makes his punchline all the more appropriate.

(5) We all believe that Angelica, the female barkada member, will grow up to be the spitting image of Judy Ann Santos in 5 years time.

(6) Original ending had them biking off after a truck with the Royal Tru-Grape design plastered on it – but Direk Jolly Feliciano wanted to use the sequence to show an elevation of kulit in the barkada, hence the mischief that happens at the end.

(7) The music that plays throughout was inspired by a Sony Ericsson ringtone that we plucked out of thin air for the pre-testing material at 1 in the morning.

(8) “No bike” took 27 takes to get right. It’s harder than it looks! Direk himself operated the camera for this sequence.

(9) We were terrified by the weather forecast, since this was a location shoot that needed lots of long and wide shots – Yahoo and AccuWeather both predicted thunderstorms for the two days. Thankfully the sun held out until AFTER we wrapped!

(10) This particular storyboard was 99% approved in just ONE PASS.



Director: Jolly Feliciano
Producer: Cris Dy-Liacco, Alec Humphries
Creatives: Dadi Santos, Bong Legaspi, Paolo Gardon, Jon Galvez, Gabby Alcazaren
Accounts: Berns Chincuanco, Cha Golpeo, Mark De Joya, Celine Lopez, Lianne Salcedo
Strategic Planning: Gen Cruz, Ez Abero
Casting: Owen Mariano

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When Josh Groban & Viagra Meet

I sincerely believe that the world would be a better place if TV adverts in this day and age had more iconic, recognizable songs in them.
That’s a problem with today’s advertising. They’re all about storylines. Brand personalities. Cutting edge CG. Millward Brown scores. Affinity. Image models. Talking heads.
To all that, I say: Meh.

What we need are great theme songs that resonate emotionally.
I don’t need to remind you children of the 80s how the songs for the following brands’ TVC’s went, but I’ll drop one line anyway and see if you can sing the rest on your own.
  1. Beam toothpaste: B-E-A-M means smile…
  2. Electrolux: I’m gonna knock on your door…
  3. Seiko Wallet: Seiko, Seiko wallet…
  4. YC Bikini Brief: For the man who packs a wallop!
  5. Milo: I’m getting ready, getting ready…
  6. Zesto: Way to go Zesto!
  7. Nips: You wanna see what happens in a bag of Nips…
  8. 680 Home Appliances: Why don’t you shop around…
This brilliant, brilliant man Eric O’Shea knows what he’s talking about. In a span of two minutes, he delivers some wonderful ideas on songs that such powerhouse brands as Miller Lite, Imodium, Trojan Condoms, and Viagra can take on to elevate the memorability of their campaigns.
My personal favorite is the one for Viagra. I’ve tried and tried, but can think of no better choice. Pure genius.
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It was too loud, and he couldn't stay properly dead.

It was too loud, and he couldn’t stay properly dead.
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was MDJ Superstar looking so upset at work the other day?
MDJ is upset...

dastardly deed did these three Vicious Vixens of Vadvertising perform to make The Superstar’s life so miserable?


could they want to make a Superstar as friendly and affable as MDJ so emotionally distraught that he was forced to cheat on his diet and eat a cheese enchilada at Mexicali?


Here’s how this lurid story of wrath and hate unraveled.

They newspapered everything on MDJ Superstar’s desk.

MDJ's Desk

My monitor, keyboard, telephone, and even my mouse were not spared.

Neither were my beautiful little organizers, my mug, nor my inbox tray. Even my binders, brand manuals, and books were wrapped individually in week-old newspapers!

Books and Shelves

In a diabolical touch of manic genius, even the Magic 8-Ball that I use to resolve tough strategic dilemmas was wrapped. (In a very sweet and cute touch, they at least remembered to label it with an “8”, just so I wouldn’t confuse it for something else… like a 7-ball, perhaps)

My magic 8-ball

They did leave a very sweet message for me on my keyboard, just so I wouldn’t blame this evil deed on the secretaries or the messengers. How thoughtful.


And in case I dropped dead from a heart attack brought on by this vicious hate crime, they prepared a tombstone with a very nicely inscribed epitaph. They’re great Account Executives, I must admit. They always plan ahead.


Menggay, Celine, and Cha – I love you guys, and I forgive you already because I know you love me incredibly too.


MDJ Superstar

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